Session Log 2020-12-11

From After the Aether Age
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The party entered the Lower Court of Starthrone, Rookie in hand. Ignis offended a renowned Dwarven blacksmith. Robin swiped a Rainbow Glass Bracelet of her Dreams and was able to frame it on another courtgoer.

Once the heat died down, the party was able to bluff their way into the Upper Court, unintentionally lighting up the Flame of Brilliance with the combined light of both Rookie and Klaitos. This glow, coupled with a story of Rookie as a painting construct able to capture and magnify the unbearable majesty of forgotten gods, convinced the vizier to admit them entry.

They followed the queue of petitioners to the apex of the Upper Court for Klaitos, Robin, and Ignis to politely present Rookie to Ozu of the Sapphire. When Rookie attempted to begin painting, he was interrupted by Ozu, who questioned the power of his portraits. Ignis was able to convince her that the brushes and paints they had brought were not of high enough quality to truly bring out Rookie's abilities. This did convince her - but as Ekkels noticed, she was covetously worried about others witnessing such a masterpiece. Rookie's portrait was perhaps his best yet - the petitioner's-eye view of Ozu and her crystal throne beneath prisms of starlight.

When Ozu asked the price, the party requested expeditionary support, with first rights of sale of anything they found. This she accepted - naming an administrator within her Court that could aid them, if contacted. The requirement for a signature of blood made her reluctant, but Nylian's dramatic performance was able to convince her.

The party left Starthrone and Rookie behind, and took the drop of Ozu's blood into the night. All preparations in place, they began making final plans and arrangements for the assault on the sky fortress of Onox of the Emerald, last of his blood.

But first, drinks.