Session Log 2020-12-03

From After the Aether Age
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To infiltrate Starthrone, market-court of Ozu of the Sapphire, the party decided to disguise themselves as members of a cult of dead gods. To get the raw materials, the Little Dudes found the meeting hall of the chaos cultists buried under the rubble of its entrance building. The party looted their anonymizing black masks, gloves, and robes. Using Rookie and Ignis's nerd lore, they were able to paint the disguises and the vessel of the Vigil of Dawn in occult-seeming mathematical glyphs of lost cultures.

The party flew to the market early, barely after dusk, and were taken to an entrance hall for screening. They were subject to significant suspicion given their occult apparel. Nylian and Ekkels registered as faintly and chaotically magical, respectively, under the light of the guards' Lantern Eye. Nylian covered for this - claiming that they were the sorcerers of the church, and that they would swear a binding oath to cast no spells within Starthrone. The guards acquiesced, but required they enter with a dedicated escort.

Lastly, Rookie was evaluated using the Flame of Magnificence - a rare sort of harmless white fire that glows most brilliant in the presence of wealth, value, and similar significance. Surprisingly, the flame glowed brighter for Rookie than any other object that had so been tested. The party was then allowed entry to the court.