Session Log 2020-11-05

From After the Aether Age
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The party marched down the mountain from the sabotaged ship. After dusk, they encountered Hector, his golden cloak hanging as a beacon for rescue from the Vigil of Dawn.

They healed him of his heatstroke, explained their shiplessness, and used his gratitude and tipsiness to convince him to work with them for rescue. They told him they'd trade him for the Vigil's ship and the location of the safehouse. When he asked for his gauntlets back as part of the deal, the party switched plans, gagging him on his cloak and waiting for the Vigil.

When the Vigil arrived (invisibly), the halfling spoke for them in the hostage negotiation. She found it hard to trust that the party wasn't going to leave them for dead, but Ignis was able to convince her that he did not see them as mortal enemies and that the party reserved murder as a tactic for enemies of the proletariat.

Having bloodlessly negotiated for the ship, Ignis took a parting opportunity to crush Hector's already weakened spirit with bitter mockery. Klaitos warned the halfling that there might be a saboteur at large on the safehouse grounds before sailing off into the night.