Session Log 2020-10-22

From After the Aether Age
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The party explored the former monastery further, but found little else of value. Unable to convince her otherwise, they resolved to leave Tigni behind with the Ignis illusion. Ekkels took with him a historical text on the War of the Chaos Mage and Robin (by way of making Ignis carry it) took "Rookie", the legless painting construct - potentially a valuable find for the Sapphire's market. Working with the Mirror Skull, Ignis spent a few hours painting a complex illusion of moving and acting throughout several rooms in the building.

Upon reaching the airship, the party discovered that it had been sabotaged - a hole had been blasted under the steering apparatus, and vital control runes had been reduced to charred slag within. Finding Tigni's astonishment believable and Nylian's inability to shoot flames to rule her out, the party considered possible culprits. Nylian suggested that the invisibility, fire, and laser abilities of the Vigil might explain things, and the party -aided by a Tigni willing to cooperate to secure her own rescue later- searched for signs of invisible trespassers. The only suspicious finding was a misplaced stone in the plaza, kicked up by someone racing from the monastery to the ship. Nylian was further interrogated - though the party detected some kind of fakery, they weren't sure she definitively lied.

The party realized that - whether or not they could find a culprit - repairing the ship would take days at best. Their only other hope was that they could find the Vigil of Dawn - either their ship, or Hector, to parlay access to their ship upon rescue. The day already eaten up by the illusion ritual, the seven - Klaitos, Ignis, Robin, Ekkels, Nylian, Tigni, and Rookie - begin the evening preparing to march down the mountainside.