Session Log 2020-09-17

From After the Aether Age
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The party's meeting with Vicriax had a strange candor, her disguised in rags on the street instead of her usual regal presentation. She advised them on the various bloodlines of the Council of Flame and agreed that the Sapphire made sense to target; she decided that she would task Abar with crafting some sort of getaway for them. The Mirror Dragonskull explained that it was within its capabilities to craft an illusory Ignis at the safehouse, fooling Jero and Lord Fireheart into thinking he was secured away.

The party and Nylian escorted Tigni out of the city just after dawn, as the Torch fleets of the city took to the sky. Immediately, Tigni began interrogating Ignis, demanding he explain what was being done to her. Resentful of Lord Fireheart kicking her off the battlefield at a critical moment, she nonetheless complied to be abducted to the safehouse. However, she remained unwilling to join Ignis in his treasonous plots.