Session Log 2020-09-03

From After the Aether Age
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Robin ambushed Zorrin, Vicriax, and Abar, pulling the latter two aside to fake the assassination and leaving Ekkels and Kidritch to fight Zorrin.

Abar and Vicriax left a Vicriax corpse-dummy aboard the Gladius with several of Robin's crossbow bolts embedded. Vicriax escaped alone as Abar and Robin left with the crowd.

Kidritch and Ekkels battled Zorrin, with Kidritch's fireworks stunning the elf long enough for the two of them to overpower them and throw them overboard. Upon finding Vicriax's "corpse", Kidritch considered the job done and left the scene with Ekkels. The two of them spotted Robin and Abar boarding Abar's ship, and heard from Vicriax that Tigni had been captured by Nightbird - but Klaitos was still missing.

Klaitos had raced through the interior of the ship, evading pursuit by hiding in the ceiling of the vast hangar. Unable to get down and unable to get help, he struggled to figure out how to escape the Gladius until Ekkels, unwilling to leave him behind, finally spotted him.

On Ekkels's signal, Klaitos leapt into the evacuating crowd, causing a commotion as Lord Arva began throwing searing wind attacks heedless of civilian presence. The ensuing panic and mass evacuation was ample cover for Klaitos to escape with the others.