Session Log 2020-08-26

From After the Aether Age
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The party, in disguise, attended a meeting aboard the Gladius, where they learned of the encroaching Colossus - the crawling, Chaos- or Aether-animated remains of the Sky Island of Windwatcher's Keep - and Lord Fireheart's intention to scout and intercept it with the military forces he has brought to the city and mass arrests and press-ganging of citizens.

Klaitos, attempting to isolate Tigni from the exiting crowd, ended up undisguising himself as a terrorist distraction in the hall leading to the loading bay, relying on Nylian and Nightbird to nab the heiress as the alarm is raised.

Ekkels, posing as the incomprehensible minor Lord Kels from the far reaches of the Empire, gave Kidritch and Robin cover to stick around and tail Vicriax of the Golden. Robin attempted to eavesdrop on her conversation with Lord Arva, Abar, and Zorrin, but was caught by Lord Arva's preternatural senses and viciously reprimanded, only escaping retribution by imitating a meek servant.