Session Log 2020-08-20

From After the Aether Age
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The party and the assassins split the loot from the halfling's hoard, Nightbird and Svarog getting half a share as Robin stole an extra with illusions.

The party set Nylian outside the apartment to watch, as they waited for Vicriax to contact them.

They bargained with Vicriax, which got heated when they wouldn't tell her details of the assassination and she was demanding more from their side of the arrangement for the additional complication.

The party ended up describing the plot to assassinate Vicriax, and the groups established a means of communication - tapping thrice on Ekkels's magnifying glass to alert the Mirror Dragonskull. Vicriax and Abar devised a plan to fake the assassination and got permission to kill other assassins as needed. The conversation ended with the party on better terms with Vicriax but with threats from the Dragonskull.