Onox of the Emerald

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The last scion of the Emerald bloodline, usurper-heir of the mighty Haxryn of the Emerald. Paranoid, scheming, and inherited his mother's obsession with mirrors.


A politician of a dragon or a snake of a politician, depending on who one asked. Publicly flattering and polite, in a manner that tried and failed to foster trust after his masterminded assassination of Haxryn. As the smallest and newest bloodline of the, he was forced more often to deal with the other Councils and struggled to expand into arenas conquered by the other bloodlines. His court became a cosmopolitan hub of activity, never the best place to conduct any manner of business, but usually the third- or fourth-best.

After the assassination of his brothers Byrix and Urtholon and destruction of Haxryn's Talon, withdrew into his fortress and expelled almost all visitors. This did him little good, as he was eventually assassinated at the hands of the party and Vicriax.



Councillor of Flame, bearer of its power
Last of the Emerald, who blight with fire
Ambitious usurper lord
Mirror mage, once Haxryn’s apprentice
Surrounded by enemies, trusted by few


Size Rank 2


Emerald Fire Breath
Could spew vast volumes of searing ash and soot, capable of filling a large room with a storm of blinding heat.
Dragon Wings
Capable of flight, though too large to make tight maneuvers.
Onox's Severing
Could animate his reflection from a mirror and command it as a somewhat ephemeral combatant in battle. Further empowered by the power of the Council of Flame, he was able to animate multiple reflections at once.