Major Factions of the Northern Continent

From After the Aether Age
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Scale 4

The Torch Empire

Force +5
Intelligence +4
Loyalty +2
Wealth +7

The Scorpion Kingdom

Force +5
Intelligence +2
Loyalty +2
Wealth +3

Industry and warfare relies heavily on biomancy - the practice of using magic to manipulate flesh. Most of the population serves the immortal Scorpion King or his armies; exemplary officers or biomancers are sometimes elevated to freedom and power, criminals and undesirables handed to the biomancers for experimentation. Controls the deserts from the west edge of the Torch Empire to the coast. Enemy of the Torch, the two have been at war over their shared border for decades.

The Dust Lords

Force +4
Intelligence +5
Loyalty -
Wealth +1

Undying necromancer sorcerer-kings with seemingly endless hordes of undead at their command. Control the barren highlands east of the Torch Empire known as the Gray Steps, where permanent clouds of its namesake colorless dust block out the sun. It is unknown if any life remains in the Steps. Its rulers seem content to extend their domain little by little and their undead hordes are rarely seen beyond it.

Scale 3

The Windwatcher's Keep

Force +3
Intelligence +4
Loyalty +4
Wealth +2

The Howling March

Force +4
Intelligence -
Loyalty +7
Wealth +0

Roving bands of once-thinking creatures succumbed to screaming feral rage. Usually eking out a brutal existence in the wilderness, large numbers are known to roam the mountains north of the Torch Empire. Rumored to be able to return from death or convert their slain victims to more Howling March. Treated like an infection to be exterminated more than an enemy to war against by most nations.

The Thundercaller's Armada

Force +6
Intelligence +2
Loyalty +2
Wealth +5