Lord Ragnus Fireheart

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A prominent member of the Torch Council of Iron and a commander of the Torch imperial forces.


A stern man with a hardline approach to ruling the Torch Empire, as well as most of the rest of his life. Father to Ignis and Tigni, though he has privately stated his intention to declare the latter as his heir.

His ancestors were soldiers and commanders before they were nobility; strategy and warfare are deliberately cultivated as the house's greatest strengths.

Claims to seek to protect and expand the empire, so that his bloodline might inherit something grander.

Current bearer of the Fireheart heraldic blade.


Rooted out the party after the assassination of Arten Invernus.

Led the assault on the Colossus as it approached Twinpyre.

Arranged for Ignis, Tigni, and the rest of the party to be removed from the city. Left his children a surprisingly heartfelt letter.



Tactician Lord of conquest
Nobility of the Council of Iron, bearer of its power
Tigni must be made ready to inherit my mantle
Ignis must be made into less of a stain on my legacy
This empire is for the Fireheart to rule
Bearer of armaments shaped of flame
Never seen smiling


Armaments of Shaped Flame
Summons and wields weapons of bright fire.
Voice of Command
Can make orders with a mind-controlling weight to them, even overwhelming his enemies in battle.