Lord Arva Sirroon

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he's not a vampire but the vibe is close

The eldest member of the Torch Council of Iron. Obsessive, paranoid, and quick to anger - most of the rest of the Councils leave him alone.


His taut, gray skin and long white hair hints that he has lived long beyond a typical human lifespan. Most suspect his humanity eroded and his life prolonged by the Council's power. He has no heirs but has outlived generations of Iron Councillors.

Once used the Windwatcher's Keep as a mighty engine of war. He has pursued it - and the Aether well at its heart - endlessly since the day it was taken from him by mutiny.

Vicriax acted on his command, or pretended to, before faking her death. In his suspicion, he assigned Zorrin to her team, whom he seems to trust more - at least enough to keep backups of the elf's mask.


Sought the party at the Twinpyre Air Docks, after the Vigil of Dawn failed to catch them.

Flew in to deliver a backup mask to the fully destabilized Zorrin.

Tore through a crowd of civilians in the hangar of the Gladius to try to kill Klaitos.



Immortal paranoiac with a thousand enmities
Nobility of the Council of Iron, bearer of its power
The Windwatcher’s Keep is and will forever be mine


Desert winds
Wields violent, searing winds.
Flies, fairly quickly.